Haboobalooba-a-whomp-bam-boom: Toutin’ tootin chili. (Or “It sure don’t taste like tomato juice.”)

Where were you when the haboob hit? Popular question echoing about all through the weekend. Me and my better 2/3rds spent an evening with the wonderful work (and world) of Bill Cunningham: photo-documentarian of global street fashion and NYC black tie society events, gentleman, saint.  Which had me pondering, Sunday, at this awesome “black bean” event

“De donde estamos everybody?” (Or something to that effect.)

HTJCCO&SF, pretty much the only game in town – not MLB related – in Phoenix this past weekend. Pre-haboob we are the 5th most populous metropolitan area in the USA. An occasion celebrating homegrown chili, salsa, radio, business, and lemonade (with strawberries) to raise money for Gabriel’s Angels, an organization that  provides dog therapy “to abused, neglected and at-risk children, nurturing their ability to love and trust, thereby freeing them from the cycle of violence” and yet…not even the most opportunistic politician bothered to pop by.

Repeat after me: PUPPIES AND CHILDREN.

No excuses folks. Haboobs blow through, what, only once every 7 million years? We had ours. Get over it.

The draw: “Hotter Than July” was highly publicized (Google it) and the heat really wasn’t that bad…and oh, yeah PUPPIES AND CHILDREN and of equal import – to me: CHILI (con and sans carne).

We donated. We sampled. We voted. We sampled some more. We drank 50 cent lemonade (not to be confused with Curtis Jackson’s Vitamin Water). We sweat. We danced.  While lines were not of the Space Mountain variety, we raised money for PUPPIES AND CHILDREN.

Here’s all what went down – literally and figuratively – before the lovely converted filling station, Copper Star Coffee.

Chili #1

The home team’s entry: Copper Star’s multi-bean, corn, onion, tomato-esque and spice galaxy. Classic ingredients and a little sumpin sumpin.

Decent heat index. Not of the face plant into a saguaro variety. (Note to “chiliheads” a correlation btw chili heat and chili deliciousness does not exist.) But, this batch was still kickin long after the last drop.

Chili #2

Sandy’s Too Shot To Shoot Crew’s Phoenix Five Chili Bowl o’ Rojo

For my money (all of 5 bux) best presentation, aroma, warmth (of the amigable variety) and use of elk and funk. Tempted to eat both contents, spoon and pot. Gorgeous. (Got my vote)

Chili #3

All Star (and now reigning champ) from Winsdor (yes, the place with all the cassettes) and considering its elegant presentation, something of a beauty queen.

Black beans, beefs, 6  spices, onion, jalapeno, serrano, tomato, etcetero. Topped with green onions, cheese, corn bread. Quite lovely. The least spicy and roundest flavor, but perhaps too polished for these taste buds. Voted the winner. The nearby a plate of FREE COOKIES may or may not have influenced balloting, certainly inspired me to return for thirds, helpings, not votes, that is.

FREE COOKIES, saving PUPPIES and helping CHILDREN and you did what? Stayed at home to watch youtube cat videos?

Heat is no excuse. For beneath the gently misting misters a cart, no, an ark worthy of covetedness, okay, it was an adorable ice pop cart: all-natural ice pops hand-crafted from seasonal, local, sustainable, delectable, foodstuffs own and operated by FruFru Frau Korina Adkins. Her delectable FruFruPops are crackish. I inhaled 2.5: cardamon/saffron, Mexican chocolate (brilliantly picante), and some of the better 2/3rds blueberry. Seek these out at local local confabs, events, etc.

Meanwhile, inside the Copper Star, local DJ/drummer Tom Coulson spun jazz and blues CDs btw interviews with anyone within an earshot for ” his radiophoenix.org show “Full Moon Hacksaw”  to be broadcast over the www real soon. Check in with radiophoenix.org or back here for times and dates.

To y’all that missed out: Byeboobs.

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