Jesus and Tequila

The Louise and Clark of American vernacular foodstuffs, Jane and Michael Stern, provide a reliable pre-Yelp formula for pre-determining the quality of a pre-locavore local grub in the landmark tome “Roadfood.” Note the number of cop car and/or trucks taking up parking spaces in front of (insert name here) Diner/Restaurant/Café. Your basic probability ratio wherever […]

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Behind the tortilla curtain

Not the steel curtain separating the El Norte from Mexico. Not the film of the book starring Meg Ryan and Kevin Costner either. Nada. No. Nyet. The Tortilla Cortina of which I blog separates NM torts from AZ ones. Mi compa del Mexico Nuevo para Nogales, Arizona’s cousin has a saying about the thick, billowing, […]

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