Pre-Thanksgiving Ground Turkey Tacos in the Style of Arizona Cafeteria Food circa 1980

I don’t know what the opposite of FAIL is in millennial but I’m fairly convinced it must taste something like the Mexi-Chicago Arizona Cafeteria-style Ground Turkey Tacos I hustled up for the previous post: McACSGTT? Meh.

The taste of Jiffy finally clear of my buds, I steered clear of the baking aisle and pulled the shopping cart up to the “Hispanic food” section for a box Mission taco shells and Pico Pica taco sauce. (I have given up on Jiffy just for now, not forever.)

Browned a couple pounds of ground turkey along with ½ onion/garlic clove, salt/pepper/NM red chile powder in olive oil and my new favorite not-so-secret ingredient: two fingers of butter*.

Ingredients to assemble in order:

1. Warmed up taco shells

2. Hot buttered turkey taco filling

3. Cheese (note: my pal Pepe Galvez from the Old Pueblo turned me on to this lacing of the taco filling with cheese first, adding, “Lechuga sure as shit ain’t gonna melt it.”)

4. Iceberg lettuce

5. Tomato

6. Sour cream

7. Taco sauce

*As Ye Olde Sir Jagger once twanged: “You always have the lard by your side.”


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