vs. Jiffy Corn Muff Mix

Epic Green Chile Ground Turkey Tamale Pie 

Sounds and looks muy sabrosa, no? Perro: this loser fiasco of a casserole I would not comfortably recommend to even Ann Romney. Imagine sitting down to a super-sized Hot Pocket of pre-chewed Kelloggs Corn Pops stuffed with ground ground  (The package claims turkey. I taste loam.), onions/garlic, green chile, cheap store-brand shredded cheddar. (The masa was actually Jiffy corn muffin mix. I know. I know. Now I know better.)

And why would one make such a mess of things? Waste Green Chile? My name is Nedduh and I am a Breaking Bad junkie. In the final season Mike and Jesse meet at a mythical ALBQ diner for what looks like tamale pie. I consulted the usual sources: Joy of Cooking (1st ed.) & allrecipes.com. Improvised a variation. Failed. Failed. Failed. Even canned Macayo’s green sauce, a fried egg and sour cream could not foil the sickeningly sweet candy corness of this slag heap. Naturally, I stabbed it with my steely knife and ate the entire beast. If only so nobody else had to.

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