Red Eagle Tortilla Wrap-Up 2013


Though several brands of tortillas in Chicago still beckon to be bent, folded, consumed then reviewed by none other, these inferior flour lunas been granted reprive by my Valentine. A care package of Red Eagle arrived 2/14/13. (True love is not the devil’s daughter X.) Several platas have been lovingly concocted. Free samples follow:

Some kind of amazing black bean tostada/taco thing with Taco Bell verde sauce

In a 450 degree oven layer:

2 Red Eagle Corn Torts

1 slice of smoked turkey

1 smear of homemade black beans (salt/pepper/garlic powder to taste)

Crumbled up queso blanco

¼ avacado mixed with I pkg Taco Bell verde sauce

1 small tomato

Cook ‘till burbling


Flat Chipolte Chicken/Cheddar/Onion Enchiladas

Stack in order:

1 corn tort (flash fry or no)

1 smear of chipolte/roasted garlic enchilada sauce

1 handfull of grilled chicken breast (olive oil/salt/pepper/garlic powder/rosemary/sage marinade)

1 handfull of shredded cheddar

1 pinch of diced raw onion

Repeat till ingredients or space runs out

Bake uncovered in 350 degree oven for 20 minutes

Top with black olives, sour cream, fried eggs.


Flat NM Green Chile white queso Enchiladas

Basically the same as the previous stack using roasted garlic green chile sauce and white cheese instead of chipolte and pollo.



Insanely Sabrosa Pico de Grigo/black bean/white cheese crisp

Pico de Gringo

2 roasted jalapenos – diced/seeded

½ onion – diced

1 cucumber – diced

3 Roma tomatoes – diced/seeded

1 handfull fresh cilantro

¼ lime lime juice


Mix all ingredients together then spread on:

Undocumented Red Eagle Flour Tortilla smeared with black beans and queso blanca/folded and pan fried (dry)


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