Weapon of Machaca Destruction

Machaca, Carne Seca, “It’s A Dry Beef”, this traditional Az/Tex/Chi Mex dish by any other name, when properly prepared really should taste like the INSIDE of the cow not the OUTSIDE. Yet, this bugger did: I’d like to blame a toddler’s complicated one-zee for this waste of skirt steak. With about a thousand snaps, the cursed, […]

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The 2013 Chi-town Tamale Take Down v.1

Second only to torts on this old gringo’s Proustian palate do tamales get down.  Tortillian ingestion conjures up a cross fade to high school lunch room antics: government issued bean and cheese burros tastefully appointed with dollops of catsup (try a 7-11 Bomb with Heinz non-believers), serrated dill pickle slices flying lessons, pubic girl terror. […]

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