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This Autumn’s Nectar – Lipton Appler Cider Lime Cinnamon Green Chile Mocktail

17 Sep


A staple breakfast beverage come apple cider season in la casa is iced tea laced with apple cider (2 parts to 1). Not sure how this came about.  Maybe in AZ before the mercury drops below 100, come Halloween, in place of coffee?

And while tequila mates brilliantly with both cider and tea separately, a menois a trois does not this make a delicious cocktail make, or something  more gramatical than that.

Besides tequila at breakfast is best left to the likes of Warren Oates.

Is it obvious I have nothing interesting to relate about this concoction other than its ingredients? Though I suppose there is something Thai in the addition of sour and spice. Yeah? so here:

NM Green Chile Cider Tea AZ

1 part apple cider

2 parts iced tea (sun brewed/unsweetened)

shake of cinnamon

dollop of NM green chile juice

charred skin flake optional

Serve chilled.

(Though come winter I will be revisiting this mocktail nuked.)

FOODY TRENDY ALERTY: French New Wave Mexican American Cuisine

17 Sep

Today’s Green Chile plate is a healthy, vegetarian remix of the classic French American dish: The French Dip. Inspired by a decade old introduction to smoked cheddar cheese quesadilla  at a long-since shut tavern in Seattle and the chunky, multi-grain grilled cheese served at the Frontier in NM and a batch of pinto beans sitting in an excess of their own juices at the back of the fridge, I crown this glorious plate The Nuevo Frances Sumergir :



Ezekiel Sprouted Whole Grain Bread (a bargain at Trader Joes, a luxury everywhere else)

Fresh NM Green Chile (chopped, seeded, lightly salted)

Roma tomatoes: sliced

Smoked cheddar (On your own landing decent smokey C. Most brands melt into a gum. This one tried to,)


Bowl of gravy/juice from a batch of pinto beans.


Heat up skillet to medium ( slow grilling is key. The smokey needs help melting and avoid hearing the screams of any remaining living sprouts in the Ezekiel bread.)

Stack ingredients into bread, slather outer banks with butter. Grill till brown and crisp.

Nuke the pinto gravy/juice.

Slice grilled cheese diagonally so as to maximize dipping enjoyment.

Dip, bite: repeat. Slurp up remaining pinto gravy/juice. Ideally teeming with chunks of green, tomatoes and butter.

TREND WATCH Check list:

French: Dip

New Mexico: Green

American: Grilled Cheese

Oh crap, I nearly forgot the Wave:

Green Chile, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Unicorns and Blackouts

17 Sep

A notable portion of the 2013 NM green chile harvest, roasted, peeled, bagged, shipped, frozen and defrosted now makes a steady and safe steady passage to its final resting place – upon anything and everything whopped up in La Cocineria Chicago – to my boca as regularly as traffic updates. Thank you NM once again for the bumper harvest and especially Sichler farms for roasting through heavy weather – which pathetically cannot be said for four NFL teams Sunday. Anything to avoid a black out, eh?
Cuz my blogging content eats up computer memory so as to not bother hogging up what little of my grey matter I forgot what I was going to type here I can’t really blog as to whether or not I waxed all reverential and spiritual like a green chile hugger about the aroma, flavor, content and supernatural wonder that is the The Green before – this mighty capsicum unicorn.
What maybe did not make it into the blogosphere here are The Green’s alchemic powers. Take for instance this here bowl of that old undergrad staple Kraft Mac and Cheese, dressed up with green chile and onions dry sautéed in NM red powder, salt and pepper:
 Like its forerunner SPAM, with all that unmistakable ‘flavor’ and texture manufactured to withstand all seasoning – and warfare – the chemists at Kraft designed the sunny potency of KM&C yellow powered cheese food to not ever be eclipsed. Seriously, make yourself a SPAM and Crest. Then tell me the glorious umami that is SPAM does continue its dominant fancy dance on your G-protein-coupled receptors. But seriously, don’t. I blogged that to merely illustrate my point and use the cliché merely illustrate my point without actually producing a drawing of a narrow piece of land jutting into the ocean. My point being this year’s The Green will make even a Dinty Moore Roast Beef and Colgate burro taste as good as if not as magical as unicorn. And if you read this blog you will either grow extremely tired of reading about The Green and/or get thee to NM for your own dang satchel.
Give us this day our daily green, Al, that is: