To Roux or Not To Roux….esta la pregunta

With the molten ooze of Rick Bayless at long last purged from my operating system  ’tis fine time to pass the 40 of Hatorade back to the Republicants and the original Angry Birds: Philly Sports fans, cheers:


and get back to the holiday cheer. Thanksgiving, a slowly dissolving L-tryptophan trip, deserves one last mention here. Because, really, the gluttony never really ends until we all sign up for a gym membership come January 1 of the new/next year.

Just as the pilgrims begat hat buckles which begat the one-size-fits-all adjustable hat the celebratory turkey begets a mother lode of leftovers. Everyone has their favorite sandwiches and pasta experiments. Enchiladas and casseroles too are fairly common fare. Ergo/hence the post’s title. Far too many of the recipes call for a roux. And I live (and may die) by the roux. All the years fumbling my way through and eventually tossing out soupy enchilada sauce after soupy sauce….anyway one never forgets one’s first successful roux; an alchemical moment worthy of the same pot-headed contemplation and reverence normally reserved for The Matrix.

With gravy still making a Lincoln Tunnel rush hour back-up of my arteries I broke from form and tradition and recipe instructions. Rouxless, I tried a couple things co-starring the spud that turned out so well I had to freeze these leftovers to keep from eating myself into a L-tryptophan coma.

Leftover turkey NC BBQ cheese friesIngredients: leftover turkey breast from Thanksgiving, leftover shredded store-bought cheese, leftover chopped fresh green chile from NM, leftover french fries from Wrigley BBQ, NC vinegar BBQ sauce also from Wrigley BBQ, leftover sour cream, leftover red chile powder from NM.

photo 1Instructions: Heat oven to 400. Stack ingredients. Cook ’till burbling or your home/apt/trailer fills with the aroma of the aforementioned ingredients.

Goes good with NFL.


Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Green Chile Triple P stew

(This is a non-roux variation on a recipe appropriated from El Pinto in NM  – replacing canned pinto beans with a freshly boiled batch.)

Ingredients: leftover Thanksgiving turkey breast, onion, garlic, NM green chile, chicken stock, butter, the 3 Ps: potatoes, posole, pinto beans.

photo 3Instructions: Saute chopped onion and garlic in oh yeah olive oil and 1/2 stick of butter. Add turkey, green chile and pre-boiled spuds. Chicken stock box. Salt, pepper, Mexican oregano to taste. Simmer for an hour. Serve topped with with pintos and posole, various dairy products. Lime.

Goes good with Flaco Jimenez:

Good bye.



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