Top Chicago Taco Gringo #23 – Dixican Puerco del Fumar

Why stop at just uno? (Mira post previo.) It’s Weber season along the concrete shores of Lake Michigan and so long as El Milagro keeps cranking out packs of .49 cent tortilla maize amazing, I will continue to out-gringo-taco any and all contenders for any and all ‘top Chicago taco’ lists and compose really really long run-on sentences.

Diga me Dixican Taco:


Dixican Taco filler:
– mi neighbor’s leftover smoked pulled pork skillet heated and tonged onto a skillet warmed corn tort

Dixican Taco Topping(s):
– mi esposa’s NC corn relish (corn off the cob, mini heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, cilantro)
– avocado
– Valentina caliente sauce splash

Futura Dixican Taco toppings/salsas/relishes/chutneys fantasized post-taco inhalation over Five Roses (rocks) with Michigan cherries y fresh local balcony garden mint:

1. Bourbon soaked Michigan cherries chopped up con Weber roasted peeled and seeded jalepenos y creama Mexicana y Lima y fresh local balcony cilantro

2. Homemade NM red chile powder BBQ sauce y peach chunx

3. Chopped fresh/roasted/defrosted NM Green chile con diced raw onion y fresh local balcony cilantro

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