Top Chicago Taco Gringo #4: Puerco del Socceroo Samba

What with World Cup 2014 feeding
the beautiful game to everything from 224″ HDTVs w/ sense-a-round sound to mid-century modern mini-Zenith’s w/ makeshift coat hanger rabbit ears the mundo over there’s never been more appro-pro tiempo to hustle up some comida por el futbol mirando. The obvious choices – and FIFA favorites – I leave to the knowing (read: Latin) and besides my namesake NED looks as if they eat Mexicans I choose the abruptly vanquished Socceroos as menu makers. Besides, both la plata y pais are none more sur and though I’ve never been I suspect they make a mean smoked marsupial down under.
Nuff blogged. Should you have leftover pulled pork lying about wash a couple of these down with some oil cans o Fosters:

Taco Gringo #4: Puerco del Socceroo Samba BBQ


Corn tort
Pulled pork
Cottage cheese
Hot BBQ sauce


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