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The Verdad La Mexicana Comida Esta Out There….

1 Aug

So these three youthful Midwesterners are at NYC’s La Guardia airport baggage claim abuzz with anticipatory crackish then/Red Bullish ahora pre-embarking adrenaline rush exclusive to both visitors and residents of Gotham and maximum security prisons.


What today would have been a text and/or tweet shared among friends we the public actually participated – okay eavesdropped – in their animated public discourse.

And what today would have been a Yelp! search actually turned into a lively debate with real opinions shared from real live experience instead of online strangers.

To the dulcet caterwaul – with occasional thud – of a luggage carousel – this husky body politic weighed in on Chicago vs New York pizza: ‘I can’t wait to try Domino’s. I bet it’s way better here.’ ‘No way, ‘Yes way’ ‘No way’ ‘yes way’ ‘Chicago’ ‘New York’ Chicago New York and on and on and on and maybe text might have been less Valley Girly and distracting so the rest of us could focus on our opinions and obvious superior big city sophisticated taste, grab bags, turn up noses, bolt.


All but yo en verdad. Mi cargo fue returning con yo from Mexico. While the fuerte opinions blogged aqui suggest otrowise. I am still here to tell you the only reason Taco Bell en Mexico is better albeit more authentic than Taco Bell en Esatdos Unidos por que you get to order en Espanol.


And even though I’ve been called a snob because I refuse to eat @Chipotle – which is to Mexico as Red Lobster is to the sea – you can’t feed a more Catholic, democratic, open and omnivorous maw than mine. Beyond therapy for my PTAzMexSD, the entire purpose of this here blogging a la Marco Pollo is to document my quest for el Cocina Mexicana ultima outside the friendly confines of mi beloved Sonoran desert. I know it exists, even if I have to make it so in mi own cocineria por ejemplo:



I can’t believe you’re not Midwesternican pollo asado y chile verde y cream of chicken y corn tortillas that taste like dumplings y cheese casserolenchiladas


The chipotle variation (the chile not the chain)


North Carolina BBQ pork/Trader JoseNM salsa verde/avocado/refried frijoles/Trader Jose flour tort/burro


Elotes/frijoles/pollo asado tacos con cilantro y radishes from our urban parking garage rooftop garden

Or when I have to burn $5 on some breakfast burrito from Pret-a-Porte labeled ‘Southwestern’ because maybe that’s what Mexican food is like in France?


Egg Soufflé (Cage free) Refried Black Bean Salsa Red Peppers Cheddar Red Onions Tortilla Wrap


*To the credit of the Midwesterners who I had no intention of having personify the acronym IOWA (idiots out wandering aimlessly) the very same week I took again to wandering yet again NYC’s sts/aves rather aimlessly, confident enough in my Espanol lengua to order for lunch – much to the delight of the entire diner – a Cubana Torta’ (trans: Cuban Prostitue) and also overheard the following exchange along the way:

Scene: 8th Ave, Times Square, NYC before the greasy window of a Chinese take-out joint tastefully appointed with garlands of Peking Duck.


Cast: Two young men with Long Island accents sporting Yankees caps – backwards….of, course – studying the menu:


‘Peking Duck?’


‘How the fuck they know that duck’s

from Peking?’
And it probably tasted just as good as Long Island duck in Chinatown Chicago.

Top Chicago Taco Gringo #4: Puerco del Socceroo Samba

23 Jun

What with World Cup 2014 feeding
the beautiful game to everything from 224″ HDTVs w/ sense-a-round sound to mid-century modern mini-Zenith’s w/ makeshift coat hanger rabbit ears the mundo over there’s never been more appro-pro tiempo to hustle up some comida por el futbol mirando. The obvious choices – and FIFA favorites – I leave to the knowing (read: Latin) and besides my namesake NED looks as if they eat Mexicans I choose the abruptly vanquished Socceroos as menu makers. Besides, both la plata y pais are none more sur and though I’ve never been I suspect they make a mean smoked marsupial down under.
Nuff blogged. Should you have leftover pulled pork lying about wash a couple of these down with some oil cans o Fosters:

Taco Gringo #4: Puerco del Socceroo Samba BBQ


Corn tort
Pulled pork
Cottage cheese
Hot BBQ sauce

Top Chicago Taco Gringo #23 – Dixican Puerco del Fumar

6 Jun

Why stop at just uno? (Mira post previo.) It’s Weber season along the concrete shores of Lake Michigan and so long as El Milagro keeps cranking out packs of .49 cent tortilla maize amazing, I will continue to out-gringo-taco any and all contenders for any and all ‘top Chicago taco’ lists and compose really really long run-on sentences.

Diga me Dixican Taco:


Dixican Taco filler:
– mi neighbor’s leftover smoked pulled pork skillet heated and tonged onto a skillet warmed corn tort

Dixican Taco Topping(s):
– mi esposa’s NC corn relish (corn off the cob, mini heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, cilantro)
– avocado
– Valentina caliente sauce splash

Futura Dixican Taco toppings/salsas/relishes/chutneys fantasized post-taco inhalation over Five Roses (rocks) with Michigan cherries y fresh local balcony garden mint:

1. Bourbon soaked Michigan cherries chopped up con Weber roasted peeled and seeded jalepenos y creama Mexicana y Lima y fresh local balcony cilantro

2. Homemade NM red chile powder BBQ sauce y peach chunx

3. Chopped fresh/roasted/defrosted NM Green chile con diced raw onion y fresh local balcony cilantro