Plata de jour: Chilaquiles de Ochco de Mayo

Even though Cinco de Mayo es mas or menos fading in the rearview mirror, may of us celebrants are still charged with lingering clean up and/or consumption of what’s been leftover or left behind, dealing with reconnoitering the den for piñata limbs, fishing empty Coronita bottles out of the shark tank, corraling the stray chihuahua or two,“What the hell are those rubbed into […]

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Behind the tortilla curtain

Not the steel curtain separating the El Norte from Mexico. Not the film of the book starring Meg Ryan and Kevin Costner either. Nada. No. Nyet. The Tortilla Cortina of which I blog separates NM torts from AZ ones. Mi compa del Mexico Nuevo para Nogales, Arizona’s cousin has a saying about the thick, billowing, […]

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